10 Health Tips For City Women

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10 health tips for city women Women living in the cities are exposed to several health risks. Airborne diseases from atmospheric pollution, contagious ailments, infections from water and the most dreaded HIV infections are some of the possibilities, which need precaution and care. Apart from the risks of all these diseases, they do need to care a lot for their skin and beauty.

Skin care and beauty also call for the meticulousness and healthy living standards.

Let’s discuss the ten of such health tips that you can utilize as a conscious woman living in the city.

10 Health Tips For City Women

10. Use natural and herbal beauty care products

The market is flooded with innumerable beauty care products. But research says prolonged use of certain beauty care products bring skin infections. You need to exercise prudence , when you buy such products for skin care and beauty.

health tips for women

Avoid buying such products just by watching the ads on the television and only buy as per the consultation by qualified beauticians and specialists. Do not buy cheaper skin care and beauty products. There are a number of herbal products that give a good shine to your skin and dull the effects of aging .

9. Eat a lot of vegetables and protein

For weight management, you need a healthy diet consisting of green leafy vegetables with protein, calcium and iron.

health tips for women

A beautiful body does need strength and for that you must have good diet plans. A good diet has to be balanced in carbohydrates and protein. Excess consumption of carbohydrates can increase fat.

8. Avoid junk food and soft-drink

Junk foods are usually oily. Adulterated cheap oil harms your skin and create digestive ailments.

health tips for city women

It harms your blood and brings skin problems. The habit of eating junk food with soft-drink makes you obese.

7. Drink a lot of water and healthy fluids

Water relieves stress from your body and improves the immunity of your body.

10 tips for for women to be healthy

Water can properly clean the bowel and help maintain good blood pressure level. Healthy fluids give you the necessary vitamins to keep your body healthy and free from diseases.

6. Walk and exercise

Walking and other exercises are vital for all the women living in the cities. Those reduce depression and stress. Yoga and aerobics help to a great extent in keeping fit and reduces obesity.

health tips for city women

As a consequence of sedentary lifestyle, you can become fat and suffer from fatal heart ailments. Brisk walking for an hour can give you plenty of fresh oxygen and give immunity from stress and diseases.

5. Be aware about the sexually transmitted diseases and causes of HIV+ infections

10 health tips for city women

You may be a victim of HIV infection due to the fault of your spouse.For that, you must give stress on using a condom during sex. Avoid having unsafe sex without protection.

4. Stay away from alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and smoking can worsen the effects of aging, although those give you temporary relief from stress.

10 health tips for women

Aging becomes faster when you smoke and drink alcohol. Smoking can even harm the baby in your womb and make your growing children susceptible to lung diseases.

3. Consult with your gynecologist

health tips for women

For trouble free and smooth menstrual cycles, you need regular health check ups with your gynecologist.You should not ignore any gynecological problem for a long time. The result might be disastrous.

2. Wash your face with lotion when you come back from outside

10 tips for being health for women

Face gradually gathers dark spots because of the effects of dust and pollution. You must not neglect washing your face whenever you come back home either from the office or outing.

1. Wash your hair with protein shampoo 

In cities, your hair is worst affected because of atmospheric pollution and emission from vehicles. In the first place, try to keep your hair covered either with a cap or hat and secondly, wash your hair at every interval of two or three days.

health tips for city women

Give good oil to your hair to help prevention of dandruff and the strength of the scalp. This would protect your hair from early fall and premature graying.

Srikant Mohanty is an MBA from Symbiosis, Pune and MA in Journalism from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. At present, he is working for the newspaper "The News Insight" as a senior correspondent and also writing for many websites and journals in India.

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