Top 10 Best Shampoos For Men

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Undoubtedly, your hair is the asset of your personality. A good hair-style helps in shaping up your appearance and coupled with a smile, it makes a positive impression on everyone whom you meet. A stylish hair-style needs grooming and shampooing the hair properly is an important part of it. If you are living in a metro, the heavy vehicular traffic almost makes it mandatory for you to shampoo and rinse the hair every day.

The important thing is your selection of the right kind of shampoo carries a lot of weight. Although the market is flooded with innumerable brands, the right one needs to be suggested only considering your personal needs. Here goes a list of excellent ones to give your hair the right kind of cleaning and nourishment.

Top 10 Best Shampoos For Men

10. Pantene

pantene shampoo

Pantene makes simply great shampoo for the men. It is the company that brought the trend of making shampoo for the specific needs of men’s hair. The company gives you a broad range to choose the one, which can be really good for your hair. Be it hair fall control, moisturizing or dandruff control, Pantene can give you the one that you need for your use.

9. Pert Plus

pert plus shampoo

Pert Plus is best for variety of needs of your hair. The company has a product line of shampoos that has different types, based on the needs of various kinds. All the shampoos have great sweet smells and usually the one with shampoo and conditioner gives great satisfaction to the users. It’s called 2-1. There is another one in the category called 3-1. It is best for your three types of uses; you can shampoo your hair, use it as conditioner as well as make body wash. Believe it,all the Pert Plus shampoos have real charming smells.

8. Head and Shoulders

head and shoulders shampoo

All over the world, Head and Shoulders has its millions of satisfied customers. Its shampoos are known to give vitality, health and vigor to your hair. Especially, in the metros, when you move inside the densely populated areas in heavy vehicular traffic, your hair collects dust and dirt and for that you find it difficult to comb your hair, Head and Shoulders shampoos can be great for your daily use, when you go for cleaning and rinsing your hair almost every day.

7. Bosley

bosley shampoo

There is no doubt that men have different needs for their hair than women. The shampoos from Bosley can be excellent for you if you are having excess hair fall and thinning of hair. The DHT inhibitors in it act fantastic for you scalp. The shampoo has laminarghane, which is obtained from plankton that can give defense to DHT that is solely responsible hair loss.

6. Suave professionals

suave professionals shampoo

If you want to know the best name in the anti-dandruff shampoos, suave professionals crops up from the quintessential ones in the category exclusively for use against dandruff. Dandruff is the result of flaking and itching of scalp. Suave professionals shampoo has an element in it called pyrithione zinc that can very effectively take care of dandruff. Its role in eliminating recurring dandruff is praiseworthy.

5. Loreal Vive

Loreal Vive shampoo

Loreal is quite a reputed brand in shampoo and other related men’s care products. Loreal Vive is a name in shampoo that can be trusted for thickening men’s hair and saving the hair from excess fall. The Regenium XY formula in it can be really effective for hair fall control and giving strength to the root of the hair. You can get the best advantage if you adhere to a long use of Loreal Vive shampoo that can prevent hair loss most efficiently.

4. Opalis Cream Shampoo

Opalis Cream Shampoo

In case, you keep your hair oily, Opalis Cream Shampoo can give you huge benefits. The main ingredients in it are Camphor, Cedar wood oil, thyme and rosemary can give best cleanliness of your hair and moisture it to make the hair look good and healthy.

3. American Crew Shampoo

American Crew Shampoo

Again this is a worthy shampoo for your oily hair. As it is a habit with you to keep the hair oily, the best protection for your scalp can come through American Crew Shampoo. It prevents the scalp from the troubles of excessive flakes and dandruffs that lead to hair fall. This one is a leading brand in American market for its benefits for the oily hair.

2. Loreal pure resource

Loreal pure resource

This is again an excellent one from the Loreal range of shampoos. Rich in Vitamins A and E, this has real good anti-oxidants to give your hair the best protection from hair fall. Loreal pure resource acts good when the water is really hard and your hair is very oily. It removes oils from the hair and keeps the scalp dry and safe from the effects of dandruff.

1. Axe anti-dandruff shampoo

Axe anti-dandruff shampoo

Axe like its leading brands in perfumes is quite reputed for producing this anti-dandruff shampoo. This one is really good for your scalp and prevents formation of flakes and itchiness. It can act excellently when it comes to dandruff control and prevention of hair fall.

Srikant Mohanty is an MBA from Symbiosis, Pune and MA in Journalism from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. At present, he is working for the newspaper "The News Insight" as a senior correspondent and also writing for many websites and journals in India.

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