Top 10 Ideas For Valentine Day 2013

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As the much-awaited Valentine Day gets closer, it sets the hearts aflutter with ideas about celebration.  Every eager heart aspiring for a union makes plans about rendezvous with the lover spending the day in blissful merriment. While a number of ideas are afloat in the web for a merry spending of the day, incorporating the following ideas to the joyousness of the occasion would make the day a memorable one throughout your life.

Top 10 Ideas For Valentine Day 2013

10. Buy gifts intelligently

There are a number of gift ideas for the Valentine Day. But you need not only consider the ideas about expensive buying. Your partner evaluates your gifts on the basis of intensity of your feelings, large heartedness regarding the price of the gift not the unusually expensive things and thirdly the gift needs to be the choicest one that she can show with pride.  A gift on the Valentine Day must express completely about your love and highlight the quality of relationship.  A good gift can highlight the quality of the relationship.  A designer jewelry or a set of studded ear-rings can be ideal ideas.

9.  Show that you really care for your partner

The important thing to remember is about knowing the essence of relationship without making arbitrary demands under the cloak of a relationship. Celebration during the day needs to take care of certain aspects that would add a sense of fulfillment, not frustration.  You need to know the likes and dislikes of your partner. Those have to be there in your mind. Be specific on the types of food that your partner would like to enjoy. You need to exercise caution not to disturb the mentality of your partner. She should not feel ill-at-ease in your company throughout the day.

8. Move out in her company

Plan where you need to go with her.  It might be her favorite movie, where both of you spend time in togetherness.  Imagination is the part and parcel of romance.Watch the spell-binding romance in the theatre enjoying every bit of it.  Hold each others’ hand arousing the deepest intimacy. Feel for the surges of passion and know the depths in each others’ hearts. Feel that time has stood frozen in the witness of romance. Make the fleeting moments memorable that you can keep treasured throughout your lives.

7. “Don’t say I love you” on the day of Valentine

Valentine Day is the day where you need to feel the love in your heart. Look in the eyes of your partner and gauze the sentiments in your heart for her. Words are spurious, which cannot express your love completely.  Spending time in silence feeling for each other’s heart makes you feel that you are made for each other.

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6. Go for long drive

A long drive or ride along the natural place is indeed quixotic.  Feel the warmth of friendship while she snuggles up to you. Make her feel that she is inseparable from you. Being at a natural place, both of you spend time in silence, talking to the nature. Feel that both of you are integrated parts of nature, born only to get united in the human birth.

5. Fun- an integral part of romance

Being in a natural place or a zoo at the idyllic natural place, both of you can have a lot of fun. For instance, while you get photographed with your partner, having a chimpanzee in-between you that can be infinite source of funny memory, strengthening the bond between you.

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4. Keep a keepsake of each Valentine Day

Gifts, photos and other related things need to be treasured because past is always a framed photograph. Sweet memories of happiness have to be treasured as time will remind you about the valuable relationship that you have painstakingly built up over time.

3. Reciprocate your partner’s desire for closeness

As your mind mates with your valentine, physical proximity will of course come in to existence. You need to avoid showing a frigid attitude and reciprocate with warm.

2. Kiss your partner in intense passion

It is said-“a single kiss captures the palpitations of your partner’s heart”.  Kiss your partner sending the electric feels of desire and love. Hold her in intense passion.

1. Making love- the denouement of the act

As the feelings get intense, as the last act of the day, make love to her with intense passion. Engrave in her heart the signature of your love forever.

Srikant Mohanty is an MBA from Symbiosis, Pune and MA in Journalism from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. At present, he is working for the newspaper "The News Insight" as a senior correspondent and also writing for many websites and journals in India.

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