Top 10 New Year Greeting Cards

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Of course, there is something new in vogue. The SMS in your cell-phones and emails have become messengers of the greetings for the New Year. But the greeting cards have so far remained popular; almost irreplaceable due to their worth in combining aesthetics with imagination.

The shops are literally full of such wonderful artistic little pieces of greeting cards, engraved with heart-touching messages for the forthcoming New Year.

As the year 2012 is in its last phase, let’s make some of the signature tunes in the shapes of messages and engrave them on the greeting cards for welcoming 2013. The children in the schools are busy with a dash of creativity and imagination thrown in the making of the New Year greeting cards. Artists are working full time giving final touches to the cards that they have made to spread the messages of love, prosperity and happiness for the New Year. Why do not you try making a greeting with the following ideas?

Top 10 New Year Greeting Cards

10. Make A Card Of A Sun-rise Welcoming The First Morning Of 2013

Although this is a commonly available idea for a greeting card but it gives a great message of hope. It simply acts as a beckon of hope that 2013 will be very promising, although the past 365 days were disappointing.

new year cards 2013

You can give it to the people, whom you expect to shine brighter than the last year. They may be your near and dear ones and you expect a lot from them. Write a unique message inside the greeting card like- “patience is the real virtue and keep love for everything in life”.

9. A Greeting Card With A Picture Of Rose On It

A greeting card with a lovely picture of rose on it carries a great message of love and tenderness towards the person whom you love so dearly. A rose is symbolic of love and gentle passion. It is more expressive than words and gets you an instant response of appreciation.

new year greeting cards

Why do not you write this magnificent message-“I hope this flower gives the gist of everything in my heart for you but I have no words to spare for the best times ahead of us”?

8. A Greeting Message For The New Year With A Picture Of God

A symbol of divinity has always remained an inspirational theme for greetings. Let’s select a superb photo of Krishna with Radha in their eternal love pose. There are unique pictures of both of them that can speak volumes about the necessity of love in the present time, steeped in different crisis. Love can give us freedom from all problems in life and therefore it is the need of hour.

greeting cards for new year

Cite a line or two from the immortal Srimad Bhagbat Gita as messages for 2013, which can be inspiration for the person to live despite the odds in life. Give this message for someone in the greeting card for 2013 through these immortal lines from Gita.

“Karmane badhika graste maa phaleshu kadachina” meaning “work without bothering for the fruits of labor” can be a real message with words of greetings for the New Year.

7. Give A Unique Picture Of A Natural Place In The Greetings’ Message For The New Year.

If you have taken some snaps of the mind-blowing natural sceneries in your camera, it would be wise if you do not keep them prisoners of your camera. You can ask the artistes to draw images of those sceneries and then make greeting cards. If you are passionate about clicking your camera and taking pictures of natural bounties, those can serve as unique themes for greetings.

When you see an extremely beautiful bird, perched on the top of a branch on the tree at a natural greenery, the wise thing is you take a snap of this. Such photos can be extremely delightful as images for the greeting card. You can insert a message like- “May the splendor of nature on this beautiful first day of the year 2013 stay there forever in your life”.

6. The Image Of A Beautiful Place That You Have Visited And Liked The Best

Think about the places you have visited from Kashmir to Kanya kumari. The temples, natural places and wonders of the world such as Taj Mahal and Sun Temple of Konark, which you would love forever, can serve as front images of the greeting card.

new year greeting card

Give one of such photos on the front of the greeting with a brilliant message inside- “Hope the eternal pleasure that you get on viewing this place can match the joy on the occasion of New Year”.

5. An Image Of Friendship

Just imagine two birds sitting on the branch of a tree. This can be a best description of an immortal image of companionship. If you want to send the greetings of the New Year to a close buddy, there can be a wonderful message through this.

greeting card

Write a message inside this-“Hope the new year will recast the magical moments of our togetherness”.

4. A Beautiful Drawing Of A Woman

You can draw the striking image of a woman with the help of a pencil and convert it to serve as a picture of the greeting card. It need not necessarily be the picture of a modern woman. You can portray a message through the picture of a tribal or rural woman, who is dusky but beautiful and appealing.

You can send this to the woman you love. Describe beauty of this greeting card with this message-“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. For me true beauty is as simple as this picture. Wish you a happy new year.”

3. A Picture Of A Little Toddler

When you give the image of a smiling and beautiful toddler on the front of a greeting card, it remains the symbol of newness and fresh beginning of a New Year. The smiling mien of a toddler can be the real face of a new phase of time.

Write a message-“Wish the New Year could be as fresh as this”.

2. Picture Of Your Domestic Pets With A New Year Message

The images of a lovely dog or a beautiful cat can be at the front of the greeting card, who is your true friends at home. When you affix one such picture and make a greeting card, it can be a real pleasure for your pet lover friends.

Give a message like this-“Hope the New Year remains as innocent and promising as this”. Do not forget to add words of wishes for the New Year.

1. Symbols Of Peace

Select the pictures, which have so far remained symbols of peace, harmony and friendship. The white pigeons and photos of leaders, who championed the cause of peace and prosperity, are great as images to be given as front images for greeting cards.

“Wish the new year remains another chapter of peaceful living and prosperity for you”.


Srikant Mohanty is an MBA from Symbiosis, Pune and MA in Journalism from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. At present, he is working for the newspaper "The News Insight" as a senior correspondent and also writing for many websites and journals in India.

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