Ten Tips To Find The Perfect Girlfriend

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In the prime of your youth, you have the urge to find the right partner for your life. As your heart creates flutters to find the girl of your choice, you are at your wit’s end to find the right one. A girl, who will be ideal from all angles of your need. Here we suggest ten things before you zero on the right girl with the right courtship.

10 tips to find the perfect girlfriend

10. Find a paper and write the perfect description of your girlfriend

Here goes a small suggestion; why do not you write the feelings of your heart on a piece of paper about the “girl” you want to befriend.

tips to find the perfect girlfriend

Give shape to your feelings into words and create a description about her looks, height, style and nature. Think what has precisely inspired your idea about her? What are the qualities that you would like to see in her?

9. Girlfriend-find the true necessity for her

Before selecting a perfect girlfriend, you think twice why you need a girlfriend. Do you need her for sex? May be, you keep on searching for a girl to marry.

perfect girlfriend finding tips

In most cases, boys seriously look for girls, who would be wealthy and sensual enough to have their cravings and libido satisfied. Boys always have etched images about their girls in their minds and keep looking at the pretty faces to find their perfect “dream girls”.

8. Girlfriend –Is she your perfect soulmate?

Do you find this question strange?

But this is true. No one can marry and stay happy with a woman only if she is beautiful. Love and understanding are strange bedfellows. Love is blind, while you have a crush on a particular woman but understanding comes from the rationality of thinking. Unless, she supports your physical and psychological needs, you cannot be happy.

10 ways to find the perfect girlfriend

On the contrary, both of you must harmonize the relationship by sharing and caring for every emotional and physical need. In a partnership, caring and sharing create the true bond of understanding. The second thing is the relationship is not a joke. If it is created for the sake of flirting and frivolity, certainly the girl would not be judged as your true girlfriend.

In Hindu mythology, the right woman for a man is described as the half of the being of the man. It implies if a relationship is considered as a whole, your woman must be the 50% partner. So your girlfriend must act like the half of your body and mind, sharing with you at every level of your needs.

7. Create a situation to know the beauty of her mind

Your girlfriend need not be just a rubber stamp to endorse your decision. She should have the mentality to boost up your morality at the moments of crisis and give you healthy criticism when you go wrong.

finding the perfect girlfriend

If she has this attitude, certainly she has a beautiful mind and it is sure of her this attitude, you will stay balanced and strong in every situation.Mere submissiveness in a girl cannot have a positive influence on your life. You can create a crisis like situation and observe her judgment. You can surely study her from her negative and positive reactions. Life is full of such situations. You are just taking one to determine her nature. A balanced and beautiful mind is the first qualifying criteria for your girlfriend.

6. Watch her words and judge the “Life building material”

This is something, taught in the lessons of Communication Management. For this, you need to observe her words.

How do you do this?

how to find the perfect girlfriend

Here you must listen to her words and know how sincere she is behind them. Listen to her words and the find the person that she is. Just imagine yourself in her position, while listening and apply empathy. This is something you do not do while you hear but it certainly takes place, when you try to listen.You must not be impatient only to listen to the words “I love you” from her but judge from her reactions that how helpful she can be in your life. From her reactions, you can sum up the “Life Building Material”.

5. A cogent emotional bond can pave your path to a fulfilled sexual relationship

Once you share emotional intimacy with your girlfriend, it will lead to physical intimacy. At length, this will culminate in sex. Your girlfriend cannot certainly be your partner if you find her too much frigid in sex.

how to find the perfect girlfriend

It is because the root of a successful sexual relationship always begins from the mind. If your girl tends to become extremely frigid in sex, it is sure she is of a low mental caliber or she is mentally too dull. When a girl shares a sexual relationship with passion, she is definitely of a higher mental caliber.

4. Judge whether your wavelengths are matching

What do you mean by wavelengths? It means the interests, ideas and habits that you have. Ironically, many budding relationships begin out of infatuation but later break up because both male and female have different wavelengths.

ways to find the perfect girlfriend

Well, as a female she might have some womanly likings and qualities. But when both of you share some common interests like reading books, swimming, watching movies or a few similar interests, it becomes helpful in forming a meaningful relationship.

3. Befriend her for some time

You can befriend her for some time before both of you settle down in a perfect relationship. During this, you can judge her reactions and opt out of the relationship, if you find your wavelengths do not match with her.

perfect girlfriend finding

In the relationship, there has to be space to accommodate adjustments in cases of necessity.

2. Judge the emotional content in your relationship

When you decide on a particular girl, it is not necessary you need to get physical with her. As you befriend her, judge the emotional attachment in your relationship.

You can judge that how desperately you miss each other in case of separation. A relationship without emotional content almost useless.

1. Make your relationship an exemplary one

There are a number of instances of exemplary relationships. There are couples who have remained together despite the highest odds in their lives.

Take for instance, Bill Clinton and his spouse Hillary, who have stood out to be the inspiration for ideal couple in the world.

Srikant Mohanty is an MBA from Symbiosis, Pune and MA in Journalism from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. At present, he is working for the newspaper "The News Insight" as a senior correspondent and also writing for many websites and journals in India.

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