Top 10 Fun Things To Do When Drunk

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When you get drunk, there is little sense within you that is common. Your favorite drink instills a sense in you to do something extra-ordinary. You get shifted to a new world, where you view the order of the things turned upside down. The usual tantrums in you nature make you head for something new. Every swig brightens the cheerful smiles and you simply get going walking the newer pastures, created by your drunken mind. Some of these pranks are nutty yet naughty enough to make others laugh. Let’s see some of these unusual shows that you cast while inebriated.

Top 10 Things To Do When Drunk

10. You are unusually polite

Usually politeness is not in your element. You throw your angry tantrums around when you are the boss. Always at the helm of affairs, you are a master at taming even a lion in your subordinates. Your words are salvos that can make others wet their pants. But…this is not so, when swigs from your good Vodka pass down your throat. That makes you forget your ego, which you can not otherwise control when you are normal. Once drunk, you forget the differences with others and put your arms around even the watchman of your office. Kissing and begging him, you embrace him in great delight.

Poor watchman…of course he knows you drink and love your unusual deportment.

9. You begin singing

Being with a group of friends you gulp down the pegs and think of doing something unusual. Watching the beautiful lasses, you think of making indiscreet passes. But the idea of singing the favorite lines from the romantic songs takes you in its grip. You begin singing the love tunes and the friends join you, creating a chorus. But the voices mixed together bring a collective howling of animals. At times, the voices sound like croaking by the group of frogs in the pond during rains. Passers-by suppress their laughter, while the lasses simply don’t give a damn.

8. Drinks simply turn you on

As you drink your favorite Scotch that gives you enough desire to look around for your favorite woman. You look for an intense session in togetherness. The usual recourse to this is you invite your sweet-heart for a union. You grab her and pulling her down on the bed, you spend a great time.

7. You love to call your ex

When you are drunk, as a reminder from the past, your ex peeps through the window of your mind. You grope for her number in the cell phone. While you ring her up, it is usual for her not to pick up. Then your mellowed up temperament vanishes and again you fly in to a feat of anger. Firing volleys from your usual slangs, you swear to take revenge next time, when she shows her face.

6. You love to shake hands with strangers

Although, you have a bloated ego, the swigs from your drink soothe your mind and inspire you to make new friends. After-effects of booze bring smile to your face and you begin moving on the road, stopping the passers-by for a warm hand-shake.
“Hi…I am so and so…”-you speak stammering.

5. Of course, you drive fast

Whether it is your favorite sports car or lovely bike, you want to match a pace with air while driving or riding. For you, the speed of the vehicle only matters. As you mount hard on the accelerator of your vehicle, often you hear the hooting of the Police vehicle. Then the nasty scenes of alcohol test and heavy penalty follow suit. Of course, this doesn’t deter you from moving fast in the aftermath of boozing.

4. You love to dance in the rain

You wish, there is rain after you down the 10th peg in your throat from your much loved booze. As you come out and move on the street and finally stop at one place, you cast eager looks at the sky. Casting beseeching looks, you hope drops would soon drench you. Then at a place, there are drops from above your head. That simply sends shivers down your spine. You begin dancing in ecstasy. The latest hip hops and western classical that you have seen on the screen of television. You dance and dance…finally fall with your face down on the earth. While you wake up you after a long time only to find that you just shook body under a leaking overhead tank of an apartment.

Oh God…you retch out because the water is stinking.

3. Eat gluttonously

Usually if the drinks are large, you do have an enlarged appetite. Loving to devour on your chicken and other dishes, you show unusual haste in pushing mouthful after mouthful down your throat. If the taste is good, you hanker for more and more…
But yes, large drinks and hungry bites from foods give you a troubled stomach and of course a painful hangover in the morning.

Sorry buddy, usually this happens when someone is drunk like a skunk and eats with a devilish hunger.

2. Get in to fights

You pick up a fight when drinks give you a belligerent mood. Following a tiff with any one, you get ready for fisticuffs. It happens you are at the height of an intoxicated state.That gets you in to a nasty mood. Your neighbors complain to your spouse about your hollering and aggressive moods.That’s interesting as next day you apologize to the man whom you hurt and insulted. That’s really great about you.

1. Go on smoking

Smoking stays your most loved action while you are inebriated. Puffing at the cigarette and sending curls of smoke upwards with a face turned towards the ceiling, you get entangled in the mire of thoughts. Thoughts keep you absorbed in their folds. Repetitive thoughts keep you wandering in the puzzles of life.

Oh…it is really a little itchy when cops fine you for smoking at a public place…that too being too much inebriated.

Srikant Mohanty is an MBA from Symbiosis, Pune and MA in Journalism from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. At present, he is working for the newspaper "The News Insight" as a senior correspondent and also writing for many websites and journals in India.

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  1. Brian Jones says:

    This is probably the strangest Top 10 list I have ever seen. But 100% correct. Thank you.

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