Top 10 Delicious Christmas Cake Recipes

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Christmas always brings sweet memories about cakes. Various colors, flavors and sizes, which are still etched on your mind, bring back memories of joyful sharing and caring on the occasions of Christmas.

As the occasion of Christmas is nearing, your moods shift often to the ideas about makings and shapes of the cakes that you want to mould in to realities. In fact, you want to add a little of your creativity to the ideas, that would invite “wows” from the mouths of all invitees, present in your Christmas party. There are ten ideas below for Christmas cake recipes, which may lend a hand to shaping of your ideas.

Top 10 Delicious Christmas Cake Recipes

10  Chocolate Cake

Yummy! Chocolate cakes are hot favorites of all. There are varieties in this that you can choose to make this extremely delicious. The usual ingredients of a chocolate cake are sugar, butter, baking soda, flour and salt. Other than these things, for filling and frosting, you need milk, chocolate frosting and certain other things.

Top 10 Delicious Christmas Cake Recipes

For instance, if you want to mix up banana with this and make it a tasty Chocolate banana cake, you can add a few things while filling and frosting. Well, you can put together Banana paste and slices from medium sized strong bananas with a little of lemon juice to add flavor. The taste can be mind-blowing while you finish baking it at 350 degrees.

9 Toffee Cake

Toffees bring pleasant twinkles in the eyes of the kids. The ideas about Toffee cake can be equally mouth watering. The basic ingredients of Toffee cake are softened butter, flour, eggs, spice and pecans.

Christmas Cake Recipes

The preparation takes around two hours. There are different varieties in this category that you can choose. You need to consult well with your children before you make up your mind to make the one that all of you would love.

8  Pineapple Cake

This may bring a smile to the eyes of your kid as “pineapple” is her much favored word as her taste for food. In fact, she loves the fruit and juice from this lovely fruit and enjoys the taste of it to her heart’s content. Therefore, the ideas about a Pineapple cake may be hug-worthy idea for the occasion of Christmas.

Top 10 Delicious Christmas Cake

Like other cakes’ recipes, there are multiple ideas to select for the right Pineapple cake. The basic ingredients for this type of cake are sugar, flour, baking powder, salt, vegetable oil, eggs and yolks, pineapple juice, egg whites and tartar cream. This needs a baking time of almost one hour.

7  Fruit Cake

Fruit cakes are healthy and nutritious. The basic ingredients are same as usual with cherries, cranberries, mango and currants. Soak all these things throughout the night.

Delicious Christmas Cake Recipes

The longer you keep all these soaked, the better it gets in the final preparation. After getting it baked, keep it under cheesecloth with extra sprays of rum. Let it develop for a period of at least 12 weeks to give you the mind blowing taste.

6 Carrot Cake

Carrot is a store house of many nutritional and medicinal properties. Carrot cake is not only healthy but delicious in its own right.

Top 10 Delicious Christmas Cake Recipes

Like the other cakes, the basic ingredients are flour, baking soda, vegetable oil, sugar, vanilla and butter milk. You need to add carrots, coconut and vanilla with this. The baking time is almost one hour and the taste is really great.

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5 Ginger Cake

This is another favorite in the category of Christmas cakes.

Yummy Christmas Cake Recipes

Other than the basic ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs, softened butter and baking soda, you need additional raisins, currants, sultanas, and ginger wine with almonds and treacle. The preparation takes around three hours time. But ultimately, you find the recipe very delicious.

4 Honey Saffron Cake

All the basic ingredients of cake are present in this cake. Besides all these, you need to add saffron, walnuts, hazel nuts and a little of honey and brandy.

Yummy Cake Recipes

The preparation takes around two and half an hour time. But this is a great choice for an occasion like Christmas.

3 Fig and Honey Cake

This recipe is renowned as a perfect one for an occasion like Christmas.

Top 10 Delicious Christmas Cake Recipes

Made of brandy, dried fruits, almonds, figs, sugar, butter, vanilla, eggs, milk and honey, it takes around three and half an hour cooking and an additional half an hour to give it the final touch.

2 Make and Mature Cake

This is basically a fruit cake with a few additional ingredients.

Christmas Cake Recipes

You need to put in it at least 200 ml of brandy, sherry, whisky or rum in it and while serving, it tastes great with all these alcohols.

1 Santa Claus Cake

This is the most popular cake for the occasion of Christmas. You can follow innumerable ideas from web and guide-books to make this delicacy.

Delicious Christmas Cake Recipes

There are many ideas to simulate about creating a perfect image of Santa Claus on the cake. It can both be a lovely sight and wonderful delicacy as an item in the menu for Christmas celebration.

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