Top 10 Expensive Wines for Christmas

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The list for wines for the celebration needs to be special on the day of Christmas. It needs to complement the special dishes, liking of the important guests and your moods for the celebration at home. Literally, wines give you the majestic feel for reveling in fun of the fanfare of Christmas. Wines give real hue to the moods of celebration during Christmas.

Top 10 Expensive Wines for Christmas

10. Flat Rock Cellars

flat rock cellars

Now, let’s begin from some best wines with reasonable prices. You can know from its taste that it contains fruits from tropical climate, ginger and spice. You can get the best taste, if you eat it with mushroom or roasted pork and butter. Well, although the price tag appears high but this wine belongs to a slightly higher price range; it comes within $25.

9. Pinot Noir & Zinfandel- The best Red Wines

Pinot Noir and Zinfandel best red wines

If you have got Turkey in your menu for Christmas, then the list of foods would not be complete without giving place to two best Red wines. The first one is Pinot Noir and the second one is the mind blowing taste of Zinfandel.

8. Sauvignon- The quintessential White wine

sauvignon red wine

Originally from France, Sauvignon is undoubtedly the best white wine for Christmas. The types in this range from light to medium quality in flavors and this is the crusty and refreshing wine that tastes the best with Turkey.

7. Fizz

fizz wine

Fizz is another great quality in the Christmas wines. Literally speaking, it can fit in to the moods for any kind of celebration. The point to remember is Fizz is a versatile drink for the Christmas dinner or lunch. There are many good types of champagne, available in the vast range of Fizz.

6. Grüner Veltliner

This wine is basically from Austria and gives you some distinctive tastes. This wine is made from Austria’s best quality grapes. Some of the classic wines of this range are FX Pichler, Brundlmayer, Schloss Gobelsberg, Kurt Angerer, Emmerich Knoll, Rudi Pichler, Fred Loimer, Jurschitsch and Stadt Krems. These wines can give you wonderful flavor for the Christmas party.

5. Asti. & Canti Asti

Your Christmas pudding would not taste great in the absence of glass of Asti or Canti Asti. Full of freshness from best grapes, it’s great for your moods for the Christmas foods.

4. Canaletto Primitivo 2006- the best wine

This is true because Canaletto Primitivo gives you the best taste with deliciously flavored vegetable roasts for the party of Christmas. Truly a rich wine, this gives you the flavor of rich purple fruit.

3. Merlot 2007

Merlot 2007 is one of the best wines from Australia that comes in McGuigan Grey label. This one is best with Goose and is in fact known as a gentleman’s wine. It gives you the fantastic taste of Damsony fruit.

2. Popolino Rosso

This wine from Italy is an excellent pasta wine. Basically a red wine, it gives you the natural but the luscious taste that you simply enjoy in your Christmas party. It contains a good dose of tannin that can give you a real good tang.

1. Vinalta Malbec

This is the product of the one of the best wine-makers in the world. The great winemaker from France- Herve Joyaux Fabre- is most well regarded for the collection of Argentinean wines. This wine is extremely fruity that carries notes of raspberries, plums and violets. Adding this to your menu for the Christmas party can be really impressive.

Srikant Mohanty is an MBA from Symbiosis, Pune and MA in Journalism from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. At present, he is working for the newspaper "The News Insight" as a senior correspondent and also writing for many websites and journals in India.

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