Top 10 Foods To Reduce Belly Fat

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top 10 foods to reduce belly fat Belly of a person is the best accommodation for fat in the body. Lack of physical activities and intake of fatty foods gradually create layers of fat on the belly. Over the years, accumulated fats make the tummy bigger, exposing you to many types of health hazards.

Any fitness expert would of course agree that removing the deposit of fat from the belly is a Herculean task. Not that exercises remain the sole necessity for reducing belly fat, a strict diet control with complete avoidance of certain foods can only reduce the amount of fat from it. Obesity begins from the deposits of fat from the belly and gradually it spreads to the buttocks and thighs all over the body.

How belly fat accumulates?

Lack of physical activities and overeating gradually create digestive ailments. It results in indigestion and irregular bowels. When you have irregular and improper bowels, lots of solid-wastes remain inside your stomach. Gradually, it results in constipation but before that it creates layers of fat on your belly. Belly fat is the reason of coronary diseases, type-II diabetes and other health related problems. So when you target melting the belly fat, first of all you need to add certain foods to your diet plans.

Top 10 Foods To Reduce Belly Fat

10. Fruits

foods to reduce belly fat

Apple as a fruit is very helpful in limiting fat. Instead of eating a heavy breakfast, take two or three apples.

9. Fish

foods to reduce belly fat

Instead of taking red –meat or mutton, you can eat fish as non-vegetarian food item. Sea fish is very much helpful in reducing calories. Fish contains low calories.

8. Protein

best foods to reduce belly fat

Vegetable like potato has sugar, which adds to the fat deposits of your belly. You can eat beans and leafy vegetables that will give you more protein, helpful for reducing fat.

7. Breads

10 best foods to reduce belly fat

When you take your lunch and dinner, do replace the rice with breads. Rice as a food item is known to have more carbohydrate that increases fat. But breads made of flour have zero fat content and keep your body light and agile.

6. Cucumbers

reducing belly fat with foods

Eating a lot of cucumber salad with tomato and sliced onion help as a diet for reducing fat. Instead of eating breakfast, you can eat one plate of salad. This will help in reducing fat.

5. Plenty of healthy drinks

foods to burn belly fat

There are a number of health drinks available in the market. Replace soft-drink with water. You can drink seltzer, mineral water and diet-sodas. These drinks reduce your hunger and help in burning fat.

4. Milk, yogurt and other dairy products

foods to burn belly fat

Milk, yogurt and other dairy products are rich in Calcium. This can help in mobilizing fat deposits and burn fat.

3. Lemon juice with honey

foods that burn belly fat

If you take lemon juice with a spoonful of honey in it, you can reduce your belly fat very fast. You can squeeze a lemon in a cup of lukewarm water and take that after mixing a spoonful of honey in it. This mixture reduces fat in a faster way.

2. Black Tea and Coffee

10 foods to burn belly fat

As you work through the busy schedules you need extra cups of tea and coffee with spoonfuls of sugar. On an average, the people working in the offices need 7-8 cups of stimulant in a day. Just take tea and coffee without milk. You can avoid mixing sugar in it and take it with artificial sweeteners. This will help considerably in reducing belly fat.

1. Skinless poultry

10 best foods to reduce belly fat

Again in the non-vegetarian food items, skinless poultry is good for reducing fat. You can remove the skin from the poultry before cooking it. Do not fry it. It is better if you cook it by steaming, grilling, baking and microwaving.

Srikant Mohanty is an MBA from Symbiosis, Pune and MA in Journalism from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. At present, he is working for the newspaper "The News Insight" as a senior correspondent and also writing for many websites and journals in India.

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