Top 10 Gifts For Christmas

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As the month of December gets closer, “Christmas” is the only occasion that you eagerly wait for. This is when, winter sets its splendor with new flowers and beauty and the New Year comes within reach, the celebration gets to a feverish pitch.

Christmas is the time, when literally the world begins rejoicing in its fervor. The word “Christmas” springs a feel of happiness while wishes and gifts mark the occasion. If you are searching for ideal gift options for your near and dear ones, here go some of the best gift ideas for them.

Top 10 Gifts For Christmas

10 Rosary for your Grandma

Gifts play important roles in relationships, especially during Christmas. What would you gift to your grandmother as you are the apple of her eyes? Buy a wonderful rosary for her. Select the one that you would warm up cockles of her heart.


She would hug this to her heart as she did to you during your childhood. A rosary would bring your fond remembrances as and when you would be away from her.

9 Pajama for your Grandpa

A nice pajama is absolutely a wonderful gift choice for your grandpa. As he loves gardening, reading and playing with the kids, buy him a pair cool cotton pajamas, which would give him comforts in walking and doing household chores. Be selective about the color of the pajamas. Choose the colors that would suit his age.

8 Pendant for your Mother

Your mother is the dearest person for you in the world. This Christmas she deserves a pedant in gold. This idea may sound a bit expensive but it stands nothing in comparison to the love in her heart for you.

pendant for mother

Buy a pendant with these words engraved on it-“Mom forever loves you”. Definitely, she will love wearing it every Christmas, just to remember you.

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7 Books for your Father

No doubt, books and magazines are the most favorites of your father. He is just keen on knowing the newest of the new things in the world. You find him engrossed in the books like-“Unexplained mysteries of the world”. It pleases your heart when you find him flipping through the pages of the novels of his favorite authors. His collection of books, neatly stocked in the big case is the pride of your family.

books as gift

So this Christmas your father deserves a collection of books from his favorite authors. Browse in the web for the latest and the best from his dear authors. A nice selection would fit his interest. Gift-pack the books and present him, while wishing him warmly for the occasion.

6 A Christmas Toy for your Younger and Guitar for your Elder Son

Your younger son simply loves to play with his toys because toys, comics and cartoon shows form his true world. Buy him a toy-bike with his most favorite character from the cartoons riding it. This will be truly a hug-worthy gift for a mother, who dotes on her son.

christmas toy

If your elder son is a teenager, you can buy him guitar as the Christmas present. He will love strumming it with the song that he has composed for you on the eve of Christmas.

5 Dress for your Daughters

If you have two cute daughters, you might have been aware of the wishes of their hearts. Both of them want the best buys of garments from you on the eve of Christmas.

dress for daughters

They want to get dressed like princesses for the occasion of Christmas. You just have to fulfill their wishes by giving them the latest and most fashionable in the fashion for Christmas.

4 A Nice Leather Premium Executive Bag for your Husband

Just think, what can you gift your husband besides your love? This Christmas, let it be a nice leather premium executive bag that you’re your hubby would carry with him wherever he goes.

leather bag for man

Buy the latest one and the color needs to be Black or Brown. In your absence, it will keep your memories alive, wherever he travels.

3 A Nice Make-up Box for your Wife

makeup box

As a husband, you need to buy a return gift for your missus. To reciprocate her love, this time select a make-up box for her. As she never forgets to carry her make-up, wherever she goes, this Christmas present will be unique for her as a reminder of your love for her.

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2 A Box of Chocolates for your Nephews and Nieces

chocolate box

You cannot return the wishes from your nephews and nieces without anything, while they come wishing you for the occasion. Give them small boxes of Cadburys in exchange of the warm wishes and love they shower on you on the occasion.

1 A Christmas Card and Pen-set for your Friends

christmas card

It is inevitable that your friends would come with their wishes and gifts on the eve of Christmas. Why don’t you return their wishes with your message in a greeting card and set of pens in a box for each one of them? That would look really nice.

Srikant Mohanty is an MBA from Symbiosis, Pune and MA in Journalism from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. At present, he is working for the newspaper "The News Insight" as a senior correspondent and also writing for many websites and journals in India.

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