Top 10 Things To Do On Christmas

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As winter casts its splendor, “Christmas” comes with its bounties in gifts, festivities and celebration. It is no longer considered a time for celebration of a particular part in the world. The joyful merriment on this occasion cuts across castes, creeds and religions across the world. Almost people in every part of the world spend time in travelling to holiday destinations, taking part in the festivities of the occasion.  Christmas is equally pleasurable at home, if you plan it in a nice way. It becomes wonderful in the company of friends, relatives and members of the family. Food, drinks and dance mark the occasion, cheering up your spirit to care and share with your near and dear ones.

Let’s see how memorable you can make the Christmas, 2012 with the ideas mentioned below?

Top 10 Things To Do On Christmas

10. Visit Church with family on the eve of Christmas

going to church on christmas

You need to begin the festivities of the day from the holy abode of Lord. Make sure, you visit Church along with your family on this day. Pray and seek His blessings to make this Christmas an unforgettable one. Seek his mercy and guidance to shower the bliss of happiness on your family

9. Give a brilliant decoration to your home

Home-your sweet home- needs every bit of your attention. You need to place the beautiful Christmas tree and bedeck it with beautiful Christmas lights. The flower vases of your houses must not be empty but full of beautiful winter flowers.

decorating home on christmas

You can kindle candles especially the beautiful ones made for Christmas. It is better, if you paint your house before going for all this. After all, it’s Christmas-the best time in the year for celebration.

8. Give gifts to every loved one

The joys of this occasion lie in the true spirit of Santa Claus. No one in your family should remain unhappy without getting a little gift from your hand. You need to compile a list of “what for whom” with the descriptions of gifts to be bought.

christmas gift ideas for all

Your children, spouse and elders expect in the depths of their hearts a little love in the shape of gifts that can bounce up their joys as they receive the neatly-packed presents from your hands.

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7.  Prepare unique dishes for the celebration at home

christmas dishes for christmas celebration

As this is a special day for all, like the other festivals, there have to be exclusive dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner party. Of course, your kids will ask you about the dishes for lunch for this day, while munching the tasty and crispy special breakfast in the morning. Smile and keep them guessing.

6. Celebrate with the Christmas cake

christmas celebration with christmas cake

The cake for Christmas must be unique. You need to cut it in the presence of family members and share the pieces with love and care. You can design the cake with your children. There are unique creative ideas to follow for the Christmas cake.

5. Make new clothes for everyone at home

clothes for everyone on christmas

Home is a sweeter place than heaven because in heaven there is no unconditional love. The only tie that binds you with your family members is of absolute love. This is the sole point that drives when you buy new clothes for everyone at home for the lovely occasion of Christmas.

4. Arrange a nice at-home party with relatives, guests and friends

Just think what gives the nice dishes, decoration for Christmas and special drinks an extraordinary taste? Is it not the company of relatives, friends and special guests?

christmas party at home

Hugs and wishes for “Merry Christmas” will be lackluster, if you do not throw a grand party for the occasion. Spending the evening on this great day with the near and dear ones in earnest caring and sharing can be a cherished life long memory.

3. Dine out with your family at some exclusive restaurant

It’s alright if you are on a shoe-string budget and cannot afford to host a party at home. But this should not stop you to go out and throw out a kitty party with the members of your family.

christmas dinner with family

After all, your family is the most important thing for you. Kids might have the secret desires to have some niceties in the dishes at their favorite restaurants. Do not forget to take snaps in your camera of the moments in the restaurant when you bide time in eating and drinking.

2. Sing Christmas Carols

Carols make Christmas a very special occasion. You need to sing the best Christmas songs, which you have learnt from your childhood. Singing carols bring the memories of this great occasion alive in you.

christmas carol with family

This makes you share your fond memories of Christmas with your friends, relatives and guests. Happy and cherished memories of the occasion can cheer up the spirit within you.

1. Help the poor and needy

As the child of Jesus, you need not forget to give something to the poor, needy and helpless on the great occasion of Christmas. Visit some old-age homes or shelters for the poor and lend out a helping hand by giving clothes, food and medicines.

Srikant Mohanty is an MBA from Symbiosis, Pune and MA in Journalism from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. At present, he is working for the newspaper "The News Insight" as a senior correspondent and also writing for many websites and journals in India.

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