10 Best Valentine Day Gifts For Her 2013

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As the much waited valentine day gets closer, your heart leaps at the thought of a day out with your girl-friend. The thoughts about a candle-lit dinner and merriment in her company keep you busy making plans. Among all the important things, buying the right kind of gift needs to be prioritized. The gift shops in your city literally bore you stiff as you find none of the gifts fits your love for her. You know, the gift has to be appropriate for your special tastes. Ideas about some of the best gifts are given below to make them as good as your words.

10 Best Valentine Day Gifts For Her


10. Perfumes

The recent add-ons in the international brands in the perfumes for women can be good ideas for gifts. “The heart shaped Verawang princess Eau de toilette” available in 30 ml ,50 ml and 100 ml packs can steal her heart for you. It is the one that comes with the distinct romantic note. A wonderful gift for every girl as women cannot miss the fragrance of their loved perfumes.

9.  A Rose with a Poem

Your girl might be of a different nature, who objects to taking expensive gifts from because she thinks it goes against her ethics. If that is the truth, giving her a Rose with a piece of poem can give correct wording to her feelings. Select a red rose and pin it on a piece of paper, where you have composed your thoughts about her. You can search for a poem in the web or get it written from elsewhere.

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8. Nightwear

Your girlfriend is always passionate about her nightwear. She loves donning them and sweet-dreaming about you when you are not with her. Buy her the best one that fits her age, personality and mood. She will always appreciate if you give her favorite Maxi. Trendy Romper and Sheer Lace fitted Night Dress will of course win her heart.

7. Personalized Chocolate Bar

Personalized Chocolate Bars are the latest hot items in Valentine Day gifts. Exotic and impressive that contains both of your names on the front of the package; it can be fantastic as a gift item for Valentine Day. Girls are always fond of chocolates. Literally, they are insane making fantasies about chocolates.

6. Customized Plaque

If you are just married, you can select this gift item, which is in vogue now-a-days. On the lovely occasion of Valentine Day, you can order and get the stylish and customized Plaque that will carry both of yours’ photos, which is outstandingly impressive. You can store this for a longer period as a witness of your union.

5. Rotating Crystals

This sensational addition to the Valentine Day’s gift list is very impressive as this automatic rotating crystal can have your most beautiful photos in it, flashing those by turns. This is something new in vogue that can be largely attractive and fascinating.

4. Deluxe Travel collection of cosmetics for your sweet-heart

Hey, have you heard of this? This outstanding collection by Calvin Klein is most ideal, if she is a frequent traveler. She will exult when she finds this exquisite set, most fitting for her occasions of travel. It contains all that a fashionable woman in her would like to have for travel. This would undoubtedly prove the richness of your taste.

3. Lovely Lady Dress

Women have an inherent weakness for dress. Buy her a designer dress from the best boutique of your city that she would always like to treasure as her precious gift. She would love the elegant but trendy dress that uniquely fits her personality and nature.

2. A trip to a natural place

She would love to go a natural place and spend moments with you in the serenity of it. If there is a zoo situated at the National Park in the abundance of nature, it is much preferable to make a trip and spend time there together. You can spend time there taking photographs with the flowers and amidst the natural green. Do not forget to take you music system and home cooked food, which can help you to have a peaceful time.

1.  A gold ring

A gold ring with your name embossed on it can be most precious as the gift on the occasion of Valentine Day. Alternatively, you can select the studded ring that fits her personality and mood. Although a little expensive, a gold ring is a precious life-time gift.

Srikant Mohanty is an MBA from Symbiosis, Pune and MA in Journalism from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. At present, he is working for the newspaper "The News Insight" as a senior correspondent and also writing for many websites and journals in India.

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